Acupuncture and Natural Holistic Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon


Acupuncture and Natural Chinese Medicine Treatments in NE Portland

We treat a variety of conditions, including digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, and mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

Discover a range of modalities at Centered Healing, tailored to your wellness needs. From Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to cupping and nutrition therapy, find the right path for your journey to healing and balance.

A therapist practicing Chinese Medicine performs acupuncture on a male patient's back, inserting thin needles into his skin in a serene setting in NE Portland.


Acupuncture is the insertion of extremely fine, sterile needles into specific points on the body. The effect is to regulate the central and autonomic nervous system, reduce pain and inflammation, increase endorphin production, improve blood circulation, regulate the endocrine and immune system and support digestive function. Acupuncture treatments typically induce a state of deep relaxation.

Shelves lined with labeled glass jars containing various dried herbs, roots, and seeds in a traditional Chinese Medicine shop in NE Portland.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The prescription of Chinese Herbal Formulas is a science and an art, requiring years of dedicated study to prescribe both effectively and safely. Chinese Herbal Formulas are particularly effective in the treatment of Digestive conditions, Gynecological disorders, Endocrine/Hormonal imbalances, Metabolic disorders, Immune System regulation, Chronic infections, Colds, Viruses and the Flu.

Close-up of a hand applying acupuncture treatment on a person's back.


The leaves of the Mugwort plant when dried, burned and held over certain Acupuncture points, produces a deeply penetrating heat that nourishes, invigorates and repairs tissues at the deepest layer. Moxa therapy is considered to be nourishing to the body via its ability to imbue warmth to tissues and organs that may be stagnant and in dis-ease due to deep-seated cold restricting circulation or with impeded cellular activity and fluid metabolism. Moxa therapy also strengthens immune function.

A person performs cupping therapy on another's back in NE Portland, using small glass cups, against a softly blurred background.


The practice of using glass cups and a vacuum to pull the superficial fascia with suction. Cupping serves to break up adhesions between muscle fibers and fascia, improve lymph flow and drainage, flush the metabolic waste that congests surface tissues, increase blood circulation to the local area, reduce inflammation and promote healing and repair to the damaged tissues.

Therapist using a gua sha stone on a client's reddened back for muscle relaxation and pain relief in NE Portland.


After applying oil or salve to the skin, specifically shaped tools are used to scrape the skin of the afflicted body part with varying degrees of pressure. The experience is pleasant and relaxing, much like a deep massage with a specific area of focus. The effects of Gua Sha are similar to cupping; certain body parts and conditions benefit from Gua Sha more so than Cupping.

A bowl of fresh green pea soup garnished with herbs, surrounded by pea pods and sprigs of thyme on a gray background.

Nutrition Therapy

Dietary modifications and inclusion of certain nutrient dense whole foods are an important aspect of the healing process particularly in the treatment of digestive disorders, automimmune conditions, metabolic disease, and any condition involving inflammation. Chinese Medicine Dietetics differs to conventional Western Dietetics in certain aspects and serves to support both the physiology and function of the digestive, immune and endocrine system whilst also providing a simple path to a wholesome and healthy diet, clearing up much of the confusion on how to eat for optimal health.