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Besides growing in appreciation for our amazing digestive systems, I re-gained respect for for simple, unprocessed food. I have a strong connection to nature, I love to garden, and your instruction resonated very deeply. I have closely followed the program since May with ongoing new awareness of the vitality of raw materials and growing conditions. Thank you for bringing us this knowledge

Helen presents an incredible wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand, extremely supportive and fun way. This program is more than just a cleanse, it is a profound transformational experience that has changed my relationship to food forever.

This program changed my life. It gave me the confidence to try new things while also trusting my gut (literally). My attitude towards nutrition now comes from a place of awareness rather than fear and discomfort.


  • The anti-inflammatory diet
  • An alkalizing diet
  • Food combining
  • Fermented probiotic rich foods (gut health and the role of micro flora)
  • Supportive cleansing practices,
  • Theory of Chinese Medicine and eating according to the circadian rhythm and seasonal energy
  • Strategies, practices, and eating habits to enhance digestive health and the immune system
  • The gut-brain connection – how our digestive health plays into mood based disorders such as anxiety and depression.
Logo of Centered Healing, an Acupuncture center in NE Portland, Oregon

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Your gut knows you need this

How well and vital do you feel on a daily basis on a scale of 1 to 10? Are you in pain from joint inflammation? Do your energy levels fail to sustain you through your day? Are moods impacting your enjoyment of life? Are menopausal changes affecting your sleep and daily activity or does PMS put you out for the count once a month for a week!?  Are headaches or migraines causing you to take time off work or time away from your family activities? Are you suffering from chronic skin or respiratory issues that you just can’t shake? Are digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and acid reflux plaguing you? Do you find it hard to lose weight or have difficulty sticking to the restrictive diets that support weight loss? Are you diabetic or have high cholesterol and are confused by all the conflicting advice out there?  Or are you simply looking for practical, effective and time honored wisdom around your diet that will help you age more gracefully and avoid the chronic health conditions of the western world? Then you are in the right place. 

Our gut is our center. Physically, it is literally the middle of our bodies. It is the command center for our immune system and our enteric nervous system (aka the gut brain communication). It receives what we ingest, and what we ingest on a daily basis are the raw materials that our bodies then transform into the nutrients, hormones and biochemical messengers that our cells use to operate and support us in health and to heal from chronic disease. 

The fad diets, the unbalanced diets or cleanses that are popular in modern times focus on what does or doesn’t get ingested as a means for weight loss, detoxification or “managing” food sensitivities. Typically, these diets do not support the health of the “engine” of the digestive system; you can put the highest grade petroleum into your car, but if the engine isn’t working well, it will be unable to transform the petroleum into the gas that makes the car run. Many dietary methods currently in vogue put little emphasis on the function and health of the engine; they yield short term results and demand ways of eating that are unsustainable, either practically or for the long term vitality of the body. 

This 6 week guided nutrition program will give your body the opportunity to gently cleanse, reduce inflammation, heal your gut and support your immune and hormonal system, without juicing, calorie counting or meal substitutions. Eating real, unprocessed, nourishing, nutrient dense food brings results that will last. Mood swings and cravings disappear, aches and pains, complaints and ailments that drag you down each day wane, you stay full and satisfied longer, and provide the basis for healthy weight and blood chemistry. 

Based on both Chinese Medicine principles and Western dietary concepts, this program will bring you an opportunity to experience an in depth yet practical approach to nutrition, a way of eating that you can continue to use throughout your life. It will empower you with the knowledge to do your part in influencing your health, through how you feed your body. 

6 weekly live classes with Q & A begin with 2 weeks of preparatory instruction; structured guidance to set you up for success for when you begin the 4 week eating plan. You’ll receive an accompanying manual including recipes and meal plans, access to a closed and private Facebook group for accountability, community and inspiration, plus individual email support as needed. Those participating for the first time will have a 50 minute individual zoom consult with Helen prior to the program beginning to understand your health history and current lifestyle, know your health goals, ensure that this is a good fit for you and to prepare you for the program.

This isn’t a quick fix method; this is a program designed to teach you how an unprocessed food lifestyle can form the basis for a sustainable habit for life.

We have access to different and conflicting information around what is healthy, via books, magazines, the internet and even our doctors. It’s hard to see past the “all natural” food labels and the marketing that accompanies them, and it’s easier to live on packaged and pre-made food, grabbed and eaten quickly, than it is to cook using whole unprocessed ingredients provided by nature. But when you experience how different you feel when you learn how to truly nourish your body, both physically and emotionally, there will be no turning back. The feedback from your body will be undeniable.  

If you are looking to start on a lifestyle change that will support you and your family in health, and potentially change your life, sign up now to get started! If you have questions for Helen, please click here

Licensed Acupuncturist Helen Spieth, L.Ac, at Centered Healing in NE Portland, Oregon

About Helen Spieth L.Ac, M.chem

In her clinical practice, Helen specializes in Gastrointestinal disorders, the often concurrent autoimmune and metabolic conditions, and anxiety. Food as medicine is one of the foundations of her treatment principles. Her goal is always to educate and empower her patients to take an active role in their healing process as well as the prevention of disease. To this end, she has led hundreds of her patients through her uniquely designed group nutrition program over the past ten years. With a background in biochemistry, Helen blends traditional eastern approaches to the latest clinical research to help guide people out of the confusion of how to eat for health and vitality, in a sustainable way year round. The words that she frequently hears from participants are “life changing” .

Helen is passionate about Chinese Medicine and is committed to helping people find their best path to wholehearted health. She describes herself as a seeker, a guide, a teacher and a coach, with the goal of helping people rediscover their inner natural healing intelligence that lies ready to be awakened. Helen is a graduate of the Masters program in Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland OR and a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of OR.

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