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Yoga simply means union or unite. Another definition is to yoke. In yoga it means to bring the body, mind and spirit together in unity. We all tend to be disconnected somewhere and/or not be living in the present moment. The journey of yoga in many wonderful and unique ways allows us to connect more deeply with ourself.

It is very possible. It depends on whether you would like to take it in that direction. In the Niyanias of the 8 limbed path of yoga (a discussion for another day), the 5 niyama (Isvarapranidhana) includes the idea of connection with the divine. For me, that  connection is  with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I invite you to your place of comfort. Many people start with movement and breath, and find that eventually they move into a deeper internal connection.

Yoga has many different forms and modifications. I teach chair yoga which is very accessible to many. Much of yoga can be also done standing. I also teach yoga in the aquatic environment which is easier on weight bearing and joint health.